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Dr. Subashinee Vaidyanathan

Meet Our Doctors

Dr. Subashinee Vaidyanathan

Dr. Subashinee Vaidyanathan

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Subashinee Vaidyanathan, DDS

General Dentistry
Dr. Subashinee Vaidyanathan
Subashinee Vaidyanathan, DDS, (pronounced Su-bash-nee Vy-dia-nathan) also known as Dr. V, is a family dentist at Seattle Crown Hill Dental in Seattle, Washington.

Dr. V has always had a passion for health care and derives immense joy in helping patients build healthy, brilliant smiles. She ensures that every patient is treated with the utmost consideration and that their needs are met by an appropriate treatment plan. She strives to provide a comfortable and trustworthy environment for her patients, where they can feel secure and respected. Dentistry is not only her vocation, but also her passion, and she always aims to provide the highest quality dental care.

Dr. V’s experiences shadowing at a dental office gave her a deeper understanding of how dentists help patients put their best smile forward and improve their overall quality of life. This led her to pursue a career in dentistry. Her years of dental school in India and in the United States were an amazing learning experience and helped shape her into who she is today. She has a passion for learning and keeping herself updated on current dental practices. She is continually updating her dental knowledge to provide her patients with the best dental care.

Dr. V graduated with a Bachelor of Dental Surgery degree from Sri Ramachandra University in 2014, where she was first class with honors. She then practiced as an associate for 3 years, before pursuing an internationally trained dental program at the University of Michigan. She has always been committed to giving back to the community and has been a part of multiple campaigns to provide better dental services to communities in rural and otherwise underserved areas.

Dr. V is excited to be here in Washington state with her husband and their cats and to have the opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors. She enjoys baking, hiking, and gardening, and she is a classically trained Veena (an Indian stringed instrument) player.


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